Not sure if i should be asking this question in here or linux-security...

I have a strange problem in my network, ARP packets are being flooded into the network to the extent that sometimes the network chokes for a moment..as the below entries show every second there are 4ARP packets on the network and for every ARP packet there is STP(spanning tree protocol ) on the network, am using all linux machine in the office with and not sure for where the series is popping up on the network..Could somebody Pleaseeeeeeee help me resolve this issue.. Thanking you all in advance and any more info required on this please let me know.

root@inlogin001 root]# tcpdump -i eth0 | grep who-has
tcpdump: listening on eth0
19:00:50.298506 arp who-has tell
19:00:50.848472 arp who-has ls.montalvosystems.in tell mboopathy.montalvosystems.in
19:00:50.858471 arp who-has pixin.montalvosystems.in tell mboopathy.montalvosystems.in
19:00:50.878470 arp who-has rdenduluri.montalvosystems.in tell ls.montalvosystems.in
19:00:51.948404 arp who-has ls.montalvosystems.in tell kharsha.montalvosystems.in
19:00:52.298382 arp who-has tell
19:00:54.298258 arp who-has tell
19:00:56.298135 arp who-has tell
19:00:58.298011 arp who-has tell
19:01:00.297888 arp who-has tell
19:01:02.297764 arp who-has tell
19:01:03.207708 arp who-has collector.montalvosystems.in tell mitsrv01.montalvosystems.in
19:01:04.297640 arp who-has tell
19:01:06.297517 arp who-has tell
19:01:07.027472 arp who-has pdcin.montalvosystems.in tell RameshSubbarao.montalvosystems.in
19:01:08.297393 arp who-has tell