Hello everyone!

I'm new to Linux. I'm running the latest release of mandrive free on a fujitsu-siemens lifebook c1020. I'm fully intending that when I get the hang of it, and can find apps that do what I need, I'm going to purge MS from my life - Hurrah!

At present there are (actually, more than) two things which are giving me difficulty;

1) I'm having trouble finding a driver for the built in graphics card; It's an S3 ProSavageDDR VT8751. I though it was running ok till I tried google earth, which runs so slow it's unuseable. It's telling me I am running a graphics emulation, I think because it doesn't like the driver i'm trying to use, but as I say, I can't find a proper alternative. Help me!

2) I can't use Mandrake's update command because it says it can't find the proper paths to the four installation cds. I thought it would update from the web. How can I make it work? Help me!

I would really appreciate your help, please be gentle with me, I don't seem to understand much at all!