My system when set to Static IP, the internet browsing is OK BUT When I set it to Automatic IP, the internet browsing stops.

In my lab I have got a DSL Modem, working as dhcp and no Linux dhcp server is configured.
When my system's IP is set to Automatic, the /etc/resolv.conf file displays "File Generated by dhcp client" and displays wrong IP for nameserver tag, instead It Displays the IP of Gateway. In DSL Modem configuration, No DNS IP have been given.

When Static IP is given, the /etc/resolv.conf displays the Correct IP for nameserver tag as browsing works.

NOTE: No Such Problem arise when using Windows Environment in the same lab, using Both Static as well as Automatic IPs, the internet borwing works.

Is there any way to Receive Automatic IP only from dhcp and the not the nameserver IP
the nameserver IP should be given and read from /etc/resolve.conf

Please help in this matter.

thank you.