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Thread: Firefox freezes when I click on Bookmarks

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    Firefox freezes when I click on Bookmarks

    Whenever I open a new Firefox window and then click on Bookmarks, it freezes for about 20 seconds or so before it then continues as if nothing had happened. Has anyone heard of this or can you suggest how to fix this? Everything else seems to be working fine with FF.

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    How big is your bookmark list?

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    Weird behaviour in FF can be caused by a theme or extension. If you have any of these which were not part of the default install you could try unloading them one by one to see if it restored the correct behaviour

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    I have an insane amount of bookmarks. My menu is rather speedy. Check that

    A) You arent overtaxing the system. Sounds stupid, but if your system is getting overloaded, this can easily be the case. Symptoms would be slow FF load times, other laggy apps, etc.

    [andrew@andrew-desktop-fedora ~]$ cat /proc/loadavg 
    0.78 1.02 0.95 1/182 17093
    [andrew@andrew-desktop-fedora ~]$
    As you can see my load is a wee bit high, but thats only because I have a few daemons that are resource hungry and Transmission (BitTorrent) running, and a paused Totem video. Get over 6 and then its ugly real bad.

    Memory can be a shortage too,

    [andrew@andrew-desktop-fedora ~]$ free
                 total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
    Mem:       2071212    2018344      52868          0      17104     675276
    -/+ buffers/cache:    1325964     745248
    Swap:      4192956     374632    3818324
    [andrew@andrew-desktop-fedora ~]$
    As you can see here, I have alot of RAM still free even with the naughty apps that are sucking my resources, so I am definitely in great system shape.

    B)Fubar FF extensions. Clean out your firefox extensions to the default ones. I have found that Google Toolbar is evil. I use Google's Bookmark extension without any problems.

    Check those in that order. I have found that always blaming FF isn't necessarily a fair thing, although it does end up being the case somewhat often.

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