There have been some outages on the site over the past couple weeks that seemed to have been caused by moving the site to a new server combined with some other things:

  1. Apache was failing to restart while doing the daily site backups. I now attempt a restart a couple times. (FC5)
  2. My simple monitoring script not attempting to restart apache when it died.
  3. The database became overload from visitors.
  4. There was a misconfigured DNS zone file.
  5. PHP acceleration wasn't configured. (I'm now using APC, which should be a part of PHP 6 soon.)
  6. Low RAM

These have all been corrected and we should see better performance.

The site gets bursts of visitors, with a peak of 500 visitors in a minute in late March. I'm still trying to investigate a pattern to the visits to see whether that would help.

Any first hand experience with simple MySQL and Apache performance tuning would be welcome. I've only tweaked the MySQL connection count so far.