I want to assign an owner to the alias list for my virtual email domain. I am using sendmail and to generate sendmail file i am using linuxconf-1.34r3-1 and sendmail-8.13.4-2.

Now, for my domain lnxsitenew.com, in /etc/vmail/aliases.lnxsitenew.com, i have made the following settings:

test: abc@linuxmailsite.com, user3@lnxsitenew.com, hina
owner-test: test-request
test-request: hina
, where "hina" is lnxsitenew.com's user, "abc@linuxmailsite.com" is another virtual domain account and "user3@lnxsitenew.com" does not exists."test" is not a user, i am just using it as alias.

When i send mail to "test@lnxsitenew.com", it is sent to "abc@linuxmailsite.com" and "hina@lnxsitenew.com" mailboxes, and as "user3@lnxsitenew.com" does not exists, its error should be sent to "hina@lnxsitenew.com", but it isn't.

What can be the problem?