I have created a virtual email domain, lnxsitenew.com, when i telnet it:
telnet mail.lnxsitenew.com 53
, it connects.

Its DNS entries are:
mail.lnxsitenew.com. IN A
lnxsitenew.com. IN MX 10 mail.lnxsitenew.com.
lnxsitenew.com. IN MX 15 lnxsitenew.com.
, where is my system's ip.

When i send mail to its user, the mails come in its mailbox i.e.
Now, i have created an account for its user in Evolution, where i have the following settings:
Receiving Email
Host: mail.lnxsitenew.com
Username: user@lnxsitenew.com
Sending Mail
I have selected "Sendmail".
In /etc/mail/local-host-names, i have added site name and restarted the sendmail service.

Now when i send receive mail i get the following message:

Error while Fetching Mail.
Could not connect to mail.lnxsitenew.com: Connection refused.
What can be the problem?