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    Ok, I downloaded kview-3.0.1-2.i386.rpm
    and when I try to install it, it fails because I don't have

    So I did a search for on and all I got is this link with 2 rpms - but both for alpha and not i386

    So where do I get this from?? I've been searching for this file for a few hours now and no success


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    You either need to get that or compile it yourself. The current stable for libpng is 1.0.12 and 1.12 is still the current development version.

    I suggest just trying to compile it yourself

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    No effect...then I installed libpng from rpm and kview installed with no problems.
    But now that it is installed I can't get it working

    black666@starbase:~> kview
    kview: relocation error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: 

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    Found a package called kdegraphics3 which not only has kview but also some other nice tools and after I installed it everything worked fine.


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