When I insert a CD/DVD in the CD/DVD drive on my PC running FC6 and using KDE, sometimes when I try to eject the CD/DVD from the CLI I get error messages.
For example here is what happened when I tried to eject a CD labeled 'ATI DRIVER' :
[root@localhost omid]# eject /media/ATI\ DRIVER/
eject: tried to use '/media/ATI DRIVER' as device name but it is no block device
eject: unable to find or open device for: '/media/ATI DRIVER'
[root@localhost omid]#
And to eject the CD/DVD I have to do one of these:
1- Reboot the system
2- Start nautilus from the CLI and navigate to system folder, right click on the CD/DVD drive and eject.
Using any of these solutions works.
Is this a KDE issue or my system issue?
I have one LG CD Writer and One Sony DVD writer.