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    I am using Mandrake with a dial-up connection for the Internet, and because the Internet speed is not very good here, I have to be aware which programs are using the bandwidth. In Windows when I install Kasper Sky anti virus, it shows all the programs which are using the net and I can decide whether they can use it or not. How can I do that in Linux ?
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    Ethereal is a packet sniffer, this can be used to see what is going on in a network. As far as seeing what is happening I suggest you have a look at what services you are running ( eg. yum-updatesd in FC6 will use some bandwith to notify you of updates), and what programs your init scripts are calling on boot up which potentionally could use the internet (dmesg helps here). My personal experience with Linux is that there are stuff all "hidden" apps accessing the internet, I have had a Linux system idle for hours and that modem light just doesn't blink

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