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Thread: Problems mounting winXP partition ...

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    Problems mounting winXP partition ...

    I've read different threads on how to access different disk partitions from Linux, and tried to mount my winXP partition. I did an 'fdisk -l /dev/hda' first, and found out that winXP is on hda1, and is a NTFS/(HPTS?, is that the correct accronym?) file system. I know that Linux and NTFS partitions don't get along particularlly well, but all i want access to this partition for is for music files
    So I create a /dev/win dir, and then edit the /etc/fstab file tto contain the following:

    /dev/hda1 /mnt/winhd auto user,defaults 0 0

    Then I made the icon for easy mount/unmount'ing, I made sure to try both leaving the "Read Only" box first marked and then unmarked ... as root, I then opened up a console window and tried to first access the partition from there ... and I got the following error:

    error: kernel does not support mounting of ntfs file system

    I am running RedHat 7.3, and am clueless as to what to do ... do i need to rebuild the kernel possiblly to allow for such support? or is there some rpm package I need?

    Thanks in advance (warning: automatic linux newbie qualifier )

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    Re: Problems mounting winXP partition ...

    compile your kernel and enable ntfs, which is expeirimental

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    Re: Problems mounting winXP partition ...

    NTFS support is very beta still. Some people have great success, some have complete dataloss. It's a crapshoot.

    The only way to get it, is to recompile your kernel, and enable NTFS support.

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    Re: Problems mounting winXP partition ...

    Now thats for Read-Only support, right?

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