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Thread: how to use the recovery console of windows xp

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    how to use the recovery console of windows xp

    hi guys!!!

    just wanna ask how to use the recovery console of windows xp?

    the computer tells me that it cannot locate c:\windows\system32\config\system and it also told me to reapir this using the windows xp setup cd and press r. i have already done this but i don't know what to do.

    also i have done some research on the internet and one told me to press enter at the first screen of the setup. I pressed enter then f8. it must usually search for the previous versions of windows then i must use the repair there but it goes straight to the existing partitions so i can't repair them.

    can you please tell me the stepd on how i can dolve this?


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    Try a repair install, this will leave your folders and files intact.
    Follow this excellent guide from Powerless.
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    thank you so much...

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    The way that I do this is usually from ERD Commander, but recovery console works just as good. You don't want the registry and such from the repair folder per se. If you go to C:\System Volume Information\Recovery, you should see a lot of different folders, which each one is a restore point (assuming you still have system restore enabled). Inside, you will find a Snapshot folder, and inside some files starting with _REGISTRY. Copy 4 of those files, the ones that end in "SOFTWARE", "SYSTEM", "SAM", and "SECURITY". Copy them to the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\CONFIG directory, rename your old SECURITY, SAM, SOFTWARE, and SYSTEM by added the extention .old to them (i.e. SOFTWARE.old). Then rename the _REGISTRY files to their corresponding file (i.e. rename _REGISTRY_WHATEVER_SAM to SAM). From there, you will have a registry that has values from your programs and everything, and not have to reregister them. If you copy the ones from the repair folder, you'll notice some things will not work like they use to.
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