hellow all
i have installed squidguard2.0 and Berakely DB 4.5.20.
my locatoin of files are as follows


all above created by myself.

following changes are made in squid.conf

redirect_program /usr/local/bin/squidGuard -c /usr/local/squidGuard/squidGuard.conf

redirect_children 8
redirector_bypass on

my squidguard.conf file is given below

dbhome /usr/local/squidGuard/db/BL
logdir /usr/local/squidGuard/logs

dest porn {
domainlist porn/domains
urllist porn/urls

acl {
default {
pass !porn all
redirect http://www.google.com

for blacklists initialstion i run the following command

squidGuard -C all
it work sucessfuly and followig message generatd

squidGuard 2.0 started (1138533256.959)
db update done
squidGuard stopped (1138533374.571)

after that i run comman

as root

and it work
but the problem is that it not filter the sites even these are presnt in its black list

help me plz