Hi to everybody,
I have 10 GB hard disk I have RedHat distro on it. I have 200MB of /boot partition, then I have created LVMs for all the other mount points i.e /, /home, /var, /tmp, SWAP. I don't have free space on HD. I want to remove RedHat and want to install Ubuntu. So I remove all LVs one by one. But I cannot remove / as it is like removing the same branch that you are sitting on. So I inserted Ubuntu CD and from there I tried to remove the LV. But it refused to do it. So, whats the other method in which can I delete that LV, VG and PV so that I can install Ubuntu on disk?
I know if would have free space on HD, I would have installed another distro on it and from there I would be able to remove the LV, VG and then PV.