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    Hi Guys

    Anybody using Asterisk Open PBX

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    I set up Asterisk @ Home a couple years ago to test on a home network. Forgotten most of it though.

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    Still a great system. Using as a SIP server. Might switch to H.323 though...
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    I think my friend has one up....

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    Thumbs up The easiest install of asterisk

    I'd recommend downloading the adminsparadise VoIP and FAX iso.
    It sets up and configures asterisk with web based management for you so the installation is a breeze.
    They have a livecd to test and an installation cd that does the work for you.

    It's free.
    It has web based faxing
    Scheduled conferencing
    Music on hold
    roaming users, paging, parking etc.
    flash based tutorials to walk you through it.

    it's killer -- if you want the most features with an easy to use web interface this is the way to go.

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