I just got a Dell box and want to do a fresh Debian network install on
it. It currently has Windows Vista on it.

The box has a Nvidia nForce Sata controller and according to Nvidia the linux driver for it is called sata_nv and has been included in all linux distributions for the last couple 2 years. The Nvidia guy said to use the Force4 dirvers. Currently Windows reports a Nvidia nForce 430/410 Serial ATA controller. I also have a Microsoft iSCSI Initiator.

When I do the network install, I select English for all the initial
defaults. Then the system try to load a bunch of drivers and stops on
IDE driver. After awhile, a message shows up saying that is was
unable to locate a cdrom. Yes it has loaded at the initial software
from it.

The cdrom that I have installed on this system is a Sony CRX310S with
a SATA interface. In fact the disk and the cdrom/DVD drives are both

I have a few questions

1- Is that sata_nv driver that NVIDIA talks about, included in the
network install of Debian?

2- if so, how do I tell Debian to load it for all drives. Are there
switches when loading the driver?

Is there a document that talks about this?

Thank you for your help!