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Thread: traversing form elements

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    traversing form elements

    help with doing this on javascript please.

    i have a form where there are many rows. each row has 15 columns. i would only like the values of the columns from 9 to 12. on these columns, a checkbox is there where a user can un/check it. checked being 1 and unchecked 0.

    how do i go about this?

    by the way i have to traverse the elements of checkboxes on all columns first and see if it is checked or not before i submit.. .

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    What do you mean ? Do you want something which on the fly traverses itself ?
    Where your part of the checkform, as it is beeing filled with check a seperate similar area, where the traverse pattern will emerge ?
    Something like:
    Orriginal form:
    Traverse form:
    Or is it something completely different ? Where, once you press submit the form itself will emerge traversed ?

    Or are you looking for something like this:
    Then you can follow this thread and if you're currious on how the data is beeing parsed on, you can check this thread
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    yeah something like that. but it will only traverse after submit was clicked.

    i got it to work like this.

        var the_form = document.getElementById("form1");
        var str = "";
        for ( var x=0; x<the_form.length; x++ ) {
        	temp = the_form.elements[x].name
    so the output is many zeroes and ones. the names of the checkboxes depends on which column it belongs to. so if its at column 8 then it is named col8. that's why at first i was having a difficult time coz i was used to calling elements by unique names or IDs and this was something new to me.

    i learned a different trick some time ago about putting '[ and '] after an element name so i could just easily get the values using a loop. couldn't apply it in this case though.

    would it be a good idea to pass this with a POST method or GET? what do you advise? now that one problem is solved, another comes up. LOLz

    i'll read those links in a while.. .

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