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Thread: Apache Website Browsing

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    Question Apache Website Browsing


    I have created a website in apache and made its dns entries.When i browse the site i get message Server Not Found.In logs of httpd i found no error.What can be the problem?

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    What happens if you type in the url for the machine that is hosting the site?

    Also, is the firewall (iptables) allowing port 80?

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    Is DNS delegating everywhere else? Do you have it set as a master DNS server? What do you get when you dig the DNS server?
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    web page

    there may be many causes.....let try the most possible cause first

    -is your httpd daemon running where u host the page. verify and if not start it by typing following comman
    service httpd status
    service httpd start
    to make it running even after reboot also do
    chkconfig httpd on

    -is dns replying the ip address of web server when u type following in client
    nslookup or what ever

    there may not be another problem since u told that there is no error in httpd log

    Good luck

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    chk for the dns entries and try to dig any sites
    plz mention hav u configured the apache for virtual hosts. if yes then make sure u hav configured it properly
    check for other settings like site path ,etc it should start with / and refering to the folder in which u hav putted ur all data
    make sure that firewal is not givin such problem also did u make the first page named as index or home if no try to do tht too

    restrt the service


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