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Thread: unable to install

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    Cool unable to install

    hi friends
    i download windows vista & make dvd when i gooing to install it
    i boot my pc with dvd its boot & vista copying files in pc then block
    nothing come more .
    i take my pc 15th minute but nothing come any instrations of install ( i mean not more progress) please solve my problem
    & any other link for downloading to vista plz send

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    Considering you downloaded it, and it not a legitimate copy, we can not help you with installing this software.
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    I thought of answering like that, until I realized that you can buy and download Vista from Microsoft.

    Now, since this is the only legal way of downloading Vista, I'd say you need to either consult their FAQ or contact them for support. After all, you gave them a few hundred dollars for their application. They should stand behind it. You can contact them at Support Customer Care: 1-800-MICROSOFT.
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    yeah i would say get hold of microsoft, (if thats where you got it from, if not well try find another file), tell them the problem and im sure they will fix it up, there has been a lot of problems with vista so you would be one of the many that are having trouble as well.
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