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Thread: Questons on Daemon

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    Questons on Daemon

    Hi folks,

    I've a question on daemon. Is there any way to config which daemon to load during start up other than using "setup" -> services??

    How can I restart a daemon using command??

    How can I list all the daemons that is running??

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Questons on Daemon

    sounds like you are using RedHat, the deamons are all started from the runlevels /etc/rc3.d/ and /etc/rc5.d/ the items in these directoirs are all just links back to file in /etc/init.d/ . lets say there is a deamon in /etc/init.d/ and it is called smb - you can start it by doing a /etc/init.d smb start or stop it by doing a /etc/init.d smb stop - i am omitting a thousand or so details here... but i hope thsi helps a little

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    Re: Questons on Daemon

    Thanks for your help. ;D

    I would like to know if there are any way to set the time and date of the system by command.

    In addition, where does the network setting store? I mean the file that contains the network information such as ip, gateway.......



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