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Thread: recover data tool

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    recover data tool


    My valuable files were gone, and I really wish to restore them. Can you propose any tool that can perform this oeration on XP, NTFS?

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    what is the problem?
    failing drive or a folder delete by mistake...
    be more precise please as the tools for these two problems are differents

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    GetDataBackNTFS, and Stellar Phoenix.
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    Active@ Undelete is a very good tool. It's last version also can boot from it's self boot-disk

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    If your problem is not solved yet then you can use ARAX Disk doctor, very good recovery soft

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    I recommend data recovery software by Recover Data Software Labs. Get it from or

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    Hello Brain was you were able to salvage your data. If you are still looking for a good data recovery software you can try Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software, a file and partition recovery utility which provides recovery from both FAT & NTFS files system.

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    Recovery tool

    I suggest you to recover the lost files by using Kernel for Windows. It not only recovers your lost files but also restore and repair the formatted partitions.Sometimes back, my hard drive gets corrupt and i need to recover the data. I used this tool and get back my data back from the corrupted hard drive.

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