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Thread: Setting Up Sound Card in Ubuntu

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    Setting Up Sound Card in Ubuntu

    Hello People,

    I have the following issue with Ubuntu 6.10

    My machine have two sound card one chip integrated in the mother board and the other a SB Audigy Se, both cards are working but I can't set up SB Card as default.

    # asoundconf list
    Names of available sound cards:

    # cat /proc/asound/cards
    0 [Intel ]: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel
    HDA Intel at 0x52220000 irq 90
    1 [CA0106 ]: CA0106 - CA0106
    Audigy SE [SB0570] at 0x1080 irq 90
    2 [SAA7134 ]: SAA7134 - SAA7134
    saa7133[0] at 0x52004800 irq 66

    I ran

    # asoundconf set-default-card SAA7134

    But it didn't take effect

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    Does lsmod show that it's linked to anything? Also, did you try the setup that the alsa site has? Not a forte of mine anymore, but I'll try to help.
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