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Thread: Installing Linux at a 150 student school

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    Question Installing Linux at a 150 student school

    I am a tech director at a small 150 student school. We are currently running win98se and have a NT 4.0 server. I would like to install Linux on a IBM E-series 340 server. It has dual P3 1 gig processors and (3) 36gig harddrives with 1 gig of ram. I'm thinking Ubuntu for the distro, but I'm not sure how to set it up to allow the students to have a home directory on the server as well as a shared drive. I also need to get the DSL modem and linksys router connected correctly to the network to allow them internet connectivity using firefox. I would like the router to handle the DHCP for internet connectivity but I don't know exactly how Linux will work with the workstations and the files sharing. Basically I'd like it to work like an XP operating system that logs into a windows domain and has anomyous internet access.

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    I suppose Samba can do everything you need
    Samba (Wikipedia)
    Project Page
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