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Thread: how to play .avi files in redhat 9

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    Smile how to play .avi files in redhat 9

    hi friends
    • i have constant problem with redhat 9 while playing the video files like .avi format file etc. Can u suggest the player and its complete installation procedure
    • And also give me the link for download of the player.

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    .AVI is a wrapper format that will hold both a video and audio codec's data. So when stating AVI, you tell me little. This could be DIVX, Xvid, Windows Media (these are the common ones). For the first two and most of the Windows ones, grabbing the codecs from Fluendo is the legal way across the board, or if you are in a country that allows for it, grabbing the codecs from a repository is another (free in this case) way.

    As for where to get them, aside from fluendo's site, I don't recall offhand. I can look into that and if I find somewhere that has useful instructions I will post them. But offhand, it was using MPlayer or Xine and grabbing the associated codecs. DAG's repository I think has them for more current revsions (Like Fedora).

    If this is too much to comprehend at this time, I would suggest using Linspire or Freespire (the free unsupported version) since they include all the codecs that you could need out of the box. If you do choose to buy Linspire, to save a few bucks, sign up for CNR first, then just download the ISO. Otherwise they get an extra $40 out of ya ;D

    Plus CNR is coming to Fedora, Ubuntu, and OpenSUSE in the near future. You can port that CNR account to any of the newly supported platforms at that time.


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