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Thread: new member from .nl

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    new member from .nl

    Hi guys,
    Just to say hi, I just registered here and hope to finally learn a bit more about Linux and Unix.
    After 10 years of roles like sys-admin, support analyst, project manager etc in Microsoft environments I want to learn new tricks.

    Installed CentOS on a desktop, Fedora Core 6 on laptop and Ubuntu server on dual boot XP box to play with (I use a KVM switch)

    Tried about every taste of distros and never really got the hang of it (if I got it installed at all ) It started with a red hat cd set (version 3 i think) but now Linux is developed far enough for the masses.
    Oh and I live in the Netherlands, near Schiphol airport and Amsterdam.

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    Thanks for becoming a part of the forums Ramssport! If you want to learn a little more Linux in a Windows world, here is the place to come!

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    yeah hi. yeah I hope I learn alot from here as well.

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