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Thread: RHCE question?????

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    RHCE question?????

    Hello Alll,

    Actually i hav completed my RHCE classes...but now i want to give RHCE4 exam...
    Our sir told us that very soon RHCE 5 start is starting....
    can u please guide me..shall i give RHCE exam now or give RHCE5 afterwords...i m really very confuse about it.
    and what is the difference between syllabus of RHCE4 and & 5. and can u please guide me for the exam can i prepare best for the exam....
    Please answer my questions....i m really confused....


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    A quick Google search returns this site with some preparation materials:

    Regarding certifying for rhel4 vs. waiting for 5, my two cents:

    Most serious companies will wait a while to migrate to a newer version release. Production environments are not easy to experiment on. Because of this, I foresee many companies still using RHEL 4 (and probably RHEL3) for a while more.
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