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Thread: Newbie here :D

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    Newbie here :D

    Well I'm running slackware with fluxbox installed, my friend confed it for me since he recomended it since it forces me to learn if I want to do something with it

    Ok, some things I would like to get help with:

    1. Get my account running flux (right now I think its running enlightment)
    2. Get the programs that boot with flux to boot with my account (right now I'm running as root which is NOT good)

    Those two would be great, so that I dont go and do somethings stupid =P

    And if you say that I should edit some file could you please tell me what it does? I think that the X start file is called something like Xinitric. If I can do this then i would be happy, also it would be nice if I could learn how to edit the "right-click menu" To add and remove programs etc from it.

    I read a guide to controlling your installs etc from tar.gz files, since I run slack I will use them primarily I guess. But since this is more or less the first time I have run linux seriously I tink that i'll just scrap that idea for now since I am bound to break the system sooner or later and then I'll do a reinstall and I'll use it then. i think that the author of the guide (here at LNJ was Frezztsa or something like that, no offense to the probably very miss-spelled nick)

    Also I had mandrake installed before and I must so that Slack has lived up to its very reputation as the fastest dist around, compared to mandrake this thing is a cheetah . Any thoughts on a n00bie running slack as his more or less first dist? Any recomended reading on the file-tree? (IE /root, /bin, /dev etc)?

    // Mjukis, have a nice day

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    Re: Newbie here :D

    If I was you I would look into Lycoris Desktop LX

    I know that Slack is fast, but honestly it sounds like you might need a distro which is that hands on yet.

    but if you insist I'm at your service:

    First check the PET (top of the screen the "menubar&quot and you'll find both my original PET on software mangement and Feztaa' (he uses another program to get the job done)

    For the file tree, look at our member NGene's website
    she has some great guides on there.

    As for a fast first timer Linux, I would go with Redhat, or lycoris - Redhat if you need a desktop and a playground, Lycoris if you need Windows but want Linux (it has no compiling suits, no nothing - it's a great Linux for the average Windows user)

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    Re: Newbie here :D

    Your friend may have given you the best advice, I run Redhat and there really is not much to learn. It installs everything for you. As for getting the right mouse button to add and delete things there should be a desktop config tool somewhere check system or utils. That will allow you to pick which manager you run and to configure everything else.

    At least this holds true for Redhat running KDE and gnome.

    Your point about running as root is correct do not run as root try the following

    Find a usermanager it should be in system or utils. Add a user and create a home directory to use instead. Only use root when installing software etc....

    Hope it helps. And welcome to Linux.......


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    Re: Newbie here :D

    TuXutils seems to be a pretty decent I already have an account which I have prepared but i need to know where the config file for my startX command is, so that I can edit it to start the flux system instead of enlightment.

    i think I can handle slack, it seems pretty hard but i'd much rather learn something than do what I did with Mandrake (nothing). Also I cant find any gui for editing the "rightclick-menu" so I need to know where the file for that is.

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    Re: Newbie here :D

    I found the file for the menu, so thats cool, now I only need the startx config file : ))))
    EDIT: I've found the x config file also

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    Re: Newbie here :D

    You go Mjukis...

    oh and welcome to LJR...

    You're my new hero

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    Re: Newbie here :D

    Welcome to linux, you won't be leaving. >

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    Re: Newbie here :D

    Heroe? Nah

    Thanks for the replies, I can run flux on my account now but I just cat find the background picutre which comes with the "null" theme from freshmeat, my friend is coming over tomorrow and then i'll try to compile NiL since i need something to play

    I'll have him explain some basics to me etc also I'll post something after that

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    Re:Newbie here :D

    Well he just left and just fixed a few things, he did give me an advice though,
    just do it yourself =P. Right now I tried to install NiL but it said missin SDL files or something like that, I read the readme and downloaded the SDL and SDL_Mixer
    When I tried installing the mixer after the SDL package it said that it coulden't find the
    SDL program so it wouldent install (this was during the ./configure step)

    Help with that would be appriciated, if you got any other game that is fun then
    that would be appriciated

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    Re:Newbie here :D

    Goto the SDL homepage and grab the mixer and sdl package there, and compile and install that. may have SlackPackages for it. thats really all you need to do. But do make sure that you are running the same version SDL components. I had do do an upgrade to get my FrozenBubble to work (adding mixer_devel to compile needed an full upgrade > )

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