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Thread: ipcop firewall

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    ipcop firewall

    i'm just trying to set up a firewall for our internet connection by using IPCOP;

    our internet connection is throu a router and it's frame relay type(leased line)

    so i wanted to connect the router directly to the IPCOP box (firewall)
    i selected networking as as GREEN & RED

    our internal network series netmask

    i gave the green card an ip which connect to the internal network (Gateway)

    the other card (eth1) is given netmask i want to connect router to this
    the router ip is netmask

    my problem is i can't ping the router from my internal network when i connect router to ipcop box

    i cannot ping the router from IPCOP box as well

    how can i go about it? how cn i route this ip!
    help appreciated

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    I have no idea about the options in IPCOP, but I'll try to help in another manner. First off, do you know if IP forwarding is on (won't matter for pinging from IPCOP box though)? Second, can you provide the output of 'netstat -rn' or 'route' ? It almost seems as if the routes for the networks are not set. If you set the IP to, then it "should" automatically set that interface as a route to .1 and .2 of the /30 network. Third, is set as the default gateway of the box. I don't know any other software issues that could cause you not to be able to ping from the IPCOP box.
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