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Thread: Centralizing

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    Wink Centralizing

    I would like to know howto centralize a normal users in RedHat Linux

    Please povide me a complete salution.

    Thank you,

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    You need to be more specific with your needs. What are you looking for exactly?

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    I assume you mean a way to centralize user management. You want to look at NIS.

    On a little off-topic note, it's kind of disconcerting to be asked to "provide a complete solution." After all, no one here is a consultant employed by you...
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    Centralizing of normal users


    Generally to make centralization of users NIS,LDAP and Kerberos are use but here specification is HOW-TO setup the Admin users to login from the clients across the network.

    For example a Linux System Administrator has created some users at server side users like delphi, jack, sam and scott and then the administrator will ask them to login from their clients. These users are know as "Admin Users". How this setup will be done to login from the linux clients to Linux box(Server). How the authentication will be given to these users to login from their clients onto server across the network. If the authentication depends on the /etc/pam.d file systems howto use these files to authenticate the users to login from their clients.

    Here I need clear specification to authenticate the admin users to login access.

    Thank you,


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