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    Question RedHat Linux

    I want to check about the any flavour of Linux such as RedHat,Suse and Fedora linux will support to the multiusers and multitasking concept OR not
    Please provide me a complete explaination about this concept.

    Thank you,
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    such as redhat,fedora,susha . both flavor of linux is multiuser &multitasking .
    or all linux flauor is multitask & multiuser u use any flavor
    of linux .

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaibhav dadhich View Post
    such as redhat,fedora,susha . both flavor of linux is multiuser &multitasking .
    or all linux flauor is multitask & multiuser u use any flavor
    of linux .

    Any flavour of Linux can be use for multiuser and multitasking purpose. Here I have a very critical doubt that a admin user created at server side by system administrator and from the same user can be login from any clients and if login then what will be the configuration of that user at server and client side to make the user centralized. No doubt there some other services like NIS,LDAP,Kerberos.

    Please give me a complete solution to make a normal user centralized except NIS,LDAP,Kerberos.

    Thank you,

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    The Linux Home Networking web site has sections on how to configure NIS or LDAP for centralized authentications.

    It also has information on how to set up NFS to allow your users to have the same centralized home directory no matter where you log in.

    There are many other sites that have more detailed information, but it should be a good place to start.

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    Linux is linux. That means the software should be available on all flavors you can spew out, but if it isnt you can build from source.

    That said, Red Hat (the commercial linux), CentOS (free Red Hat), and Fedora (community supported free project aimed at home users and enthusiasts) will ALL do this. Multiuser, multitasking, and doings erver tasks is just a native *NIX thing. Peter mentioned some things to get you started. However I would throw a few changes in there from personal experience.

    NFS sucks. It has dick for security. Go OpenAFS or stick with SAMBA (Linux's WIndows File sharing).

    For multiuser, NIS/LDAP will do a great job, but it is not the easiest to setup last I checked. Red Hat has a new LDAP project that they took over from Netscape a few years back that seems to be coming along VERY well. I would aim there. Or for the easiest route, again use SAMBA. It can be configured for PDC/BDC uses so it acts just like a Windows PDC/BDC.

    For remote adminning, ditch rsh and telnet. Its insecure crap. Use ssh instead. All UNIX/BSD/Linux machines can have this installed at installation or via a respective repository or ports. Windows has an excellent client called PuTTY. Use these. On the server you can program your security settings till kingdom come, from what authentication method and encryption method to WHO can login (disable root if its not disabled already. The normal user should be using sudo or su'ing into superuser/root anyway).

    If you are using alot of windows NT/2K/XP/Vista machines, OpenAFS, NFS, and SAMBA are all options. 95/98/ME are restriced to SAMBA, last I checked. I do not recall an OAFS or NFS free client out there. And the prices on the commercial ones were madcow disease crazy stupid nuts. One I do recall passing around my friends' email list was $799 a seat. Hah, yeah sure. We all got a kick out of that one.

    Get your test system setup and let us know what you need a hand with to get it to a testing status so we can get it ready to go live. Most of us are long time Linux users.

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