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    Question Wireless Oddness

    Hello all,

    I'm having an issue with my wireless connection under Ubuntu 6.10 with a Netgear wg311v2 PCI card. This used to work flawlessly under 5.10, of course I had third party drivers that were licensed by Texas Instruments that I can't seem to track down any more.

    I installed ndiswrapper, loaded the windows drivers, configured everything for my network; but I can't seem to make Ubuntu use the card to connect to my network. Using various wireless utilities (Wireless Assistant 0.5.5, SWScanner, etc) I can use the card to detect all kinds of wireless networks around me, including my own, but I can't connect.

    The only reason I can get online now with this machine is by using my Powerbook to share its wireless connection through its ethernet port.

    Should I not use the ndiswrapper that is listed in Synaptic?

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    This is the FLOSS project for the driver. Since TI sucks as far as linux support they formed this site and project.

    For future reference, hit my blog or go here.

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