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Thread: Quick HOWTO - Configuring NIS - yppasswdd error

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    Quick HOWTO - Configuring NIS - yppasswdd error

    Think we found an error in the Configuring NIS Howto...
    Daemon Errors
    The yppasswdd daemon must be running on both the client and server for 
    password changes to work correctly. When they aren't running, you'll get errors.
    [root@smallfry etc]# yppasswd -p nisuser
    yppasswd: yppasswdd not running on NIS master host ("bigboy").
    yppasswdd should NOT run on both the client & server, or you may see this error "yppasswdd not running on NIS master".

    -HTH wildman

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    Thanks. It's been fixed.

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