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Thread: how to mount windows drivves in fedora core 6

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    Question how to mount windows drivves in fedora core 6

    hai to all,
    i have installed new fc6 in my pc which is already having windows xp and windows 2000.i am suffering from some problems ,like fc6 doesn't detect my monitor it shows it as unknown monitor.And i cant see my windows partions in fc6.can any body please help to come out of this problems.

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    Post how to mount windows drives in FC 6

    Bring up a console window ( I guess you are using gnome ) and type in man mount. This will give you the manual for the operation of mount which you will use to mount your windows partition on your drive. To mount it automatically you will need to add a line to /etc/fstab, the details for the fstab file can be found by man fstab. See how you go... let us know if you are still stuck after that As for your monitor, in gnome you can go System -> Administration -> Display and that will let you change your monitor type!!
    Oh and by the way, welcome to OpenFree!!


    P.S. See also this post by Lovechild
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