hi guys

I am new to both Lynx and scripting, currently I am responsible for half a dozen F5 Bigip.

Therefore, since I have no openbsd experience I have had to jump in at the very deep end.

My problem is that I need to make a script to enable our bipip version 4.64 to ensure that both active and standby configs are in sync.

My criteria is something like:

issue command "b failover" this will check that node is active or in standby.

Now if it is active I need to run the following command:

b config sync

I am going to configure a cron job however reading shell scripting so far has been bewildering as I have no unix experience. I have come up with this so far:

#< ensuring both F5's configs are in sync
a='echo b failover!'
b='The failover state is ACTIVE.'
echo b failover | sh

echo $a
if [ "$a eq "$b""]
b config sync


will this work? if not can you ammend it ?

In addition, if I can be so cheeky If I would like to send success or failure to syslogger???

if possible can someone advise what commands i would need to check both nodes configs and then run a config sync from active to standby or am I asking for too much