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Thread: democracy problem

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    democracy problem

    ok heres the deal. I am using Ubuntu edgy on a 64bit system trying to install democracy from the site. I DL the right file, then it tells me to:

    * install the packages mozilla-browser and mozilla-psm from ubuntu's repositories with the following command (or using Synaptic Package Manager): sudo apt-get install mozilla-browser mozilla-psm (i did this)

    * double click (or right click and select "Open with gdebi") on the deb files so they are opened with gdebi, first democracyplayer-data_0.8.4.1-1_all.deb and after that democracyplayer_0.8.4.1-1_i386.deb

    when I try to open with gdebi i get this error: Conflicts with the installed package 'j2re1.4'
    I am new to Ubuntu, very noobish i need some help fixing this.

    P.S. i am trying to use other video players because when i click any video file to open with VLC or moive player it auto logs me out! then i have to re login

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    I googled your error code, and the first result was this link:

    Towards the end, it tells you what to do.
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    thanks ill give this a try


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