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Thread: I really dont know!

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    Angry I really dont know!

    Hello guys, I wont b ashamed to tel you that im a new user of freeBSD6.2. Guys, i've just finished installing it and it installed without any problem.

    The thing is, when i boot my system to log in, after i key in the login and the password, i just see a command interface. From there, im totally lost and i dont know what to do.

    Can anyone help like how do i get to the GUI desktop environment and all that.......


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    Welcome to BSD! If you don't feel comfortable with the command line interface (CLI), then you might want to read up on UNIX shell commands, or looking for any tutorial that explains how to get around in Linux and UNIX. Using BSD and/or Linux is not limited to the GUI.
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    and the interface should appear by magic, assuming it has been installed

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