Hi ,
I have 2 servers, one running VMware ESX VI 3 (Linux OS) and the other running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition.

Currently I faced disk space problem in the ESX server, I want to move some of the files to the Windows server to free up the disk space. After doing some searching from the internet, I know I can either use samba or ftp to copy files between Linux and Windows Server.

To use either samba or ftp, I need to disable the firewall at the ESX server by issuing this command: esxcfg-firewall -U. After comleted, I then re-enable the firewall by issuing esxcfg-firewall -L command. I have to keep repeating these 2 steps whenever I need to move files between these 2 servers .

Although I know the port numbers used by samba and ftp, but I do not know how to open the port from the Linux server. I tried some examples found from the internet using the iptables command but it does not work, both samba and ftp return me connection refused . Can anyone help me on this issue?