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Thread: chat server setup

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    chat server setup


    I am manjunath from india.
    I wanna setup setup chat server. could some one tell me from scratch how to install and setup CHAT server on my FEDORA system.

    Thanks and regards

    you can mail me at

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    Download IRCD Source Code from

    # mkdir /usr/ircu
    # cd /usr/ircu
    # tar -zxvf ircu2.10.11.07.tar.gz
    # cd ircu2-x.y.z
    # sh configure
    # make config
    # make
    # make install

    After Compiling and Installing

    # cd /usr/local/ircd/
    # vi ircd.conf

    (Note: you can download sample ircd.conf from

    Code: IRC Server:6667
    Edit your ircd.motd file to what you want the users to see when they connect to the server.

    Type ircd to start IRCD Server

    # ircd

    Best Regards.
    Frrkh hmd

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