Purpose: To reach out to members that have not posted or visited in over 3 months to remind them of our growing community and to welcome them back to see the changes that have taken place.

Other Information: The purpose of this newsletter would not be to contact active members of the forum but to reach out to those who may have only posted once or have not posted in a few months. People can get busy and forget about communities that they once visited ad enjoyed. This may help revitalize the forum with members from the past. This newsletter would be sent out each month.

This letter could also contain forum stats, recent topics that have been posted, our most popular post as well as current polls. The same mechanism could be used to send out newsletters on RFCs to all members so that they can be informed of any changes that are being requested.

Poll Question: Is this a site modification that requires a vote from the entire membership, or can this be implemented without one?