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Thread: Fedora / Red Hat Linux Installation problem

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    Post Fedora / Red Hat Linux Installation problem

    hi, i have Intel Core 2 Duo processor at 1.86Ghz on Intel 965 Chipset with 300GB hd (SATA), 1GB DDR2 Ram, nVidia 7100GE Force graphic card. iam not able to install Fedora either from a DVD or CD. its asking me for device driver disk which i dont knw..even thou i tried all the available disks, still unable to load..please help ..this is the first time iam trying to install and learn Linux..i have windows Xp sp2 as my operating system.

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    Linux Install problem

    Have you enabled boot from cdrom in the system bios?
    Most new motherboards will boot directly from the dvd or cd rom.

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    Hi Mechdave,
    yes i have enabled the boot from cd rom in the BIOS but of no use..just want to knw if Intel 965 mother board (core 2 duo) processor support the linux installation.?? i have a SATA hard drive (300GB)

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    set the BIOS settings for the SATA controller to either "enhanced" or "native" mode.
    Hope this works .....

    Rishi kapur
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    Did you burn the iso to a RW disk? Burning to a RW is problematic. Use writable disks only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glennzo View Post
    Did you burn the iso to a RW disk? Burning to a RW is problematic. Use writable disks only.
    Actually I keep most of the distros that I admin or use at home on RW dvds or cds. I have yet really to have an issue that wasn't caused by a scratch or other physical damage.


    No issues thus far (going 3 years or so now with this tactic).

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    I m new to linux with very little knowledge. Currently I installed Fedora 7 on Intel 965GM chipset Core 2Duo T7100 with 2GB ram. Everything went fine . The only thing not working is xen , integrated web cam. I guess I will try and it will get fix.
    ALso desktop effects are even not working on turning this it Fedora7 get a kind of hang . It is not working key board and touchpad don't work. I guess it is due to no driver for 965 chipset. that is causing problem.
    Otherwise leaving everything is working Ok
    Oops I have yet not tried wireless.

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