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Thread: Convert VCD to DVD

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    Convert VCD to DVD

    I am looking for a software to convert my .dat(vcd) files to dvd files.
    I have seen some DVDs which contain up to 8 hours of video(VCD quality).
    Is there any software to do that?
    This will be over soon, and then I can ...

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    Even though it's a fairly combersome application, Transcode has been the best I've found for functionality in Linux. There are a few examples on the Transcode site itself, and are very very helpful.
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    Maybe you need a dvd creator. You can try Movie DVD Maker. It can make SVCD VCD DVD from AVI DivX XVid MP4 MPEG DAT ASF WMV MOV QT files. Here is the guide and faq of the software. Hope it can help you!

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