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Thread: HI there

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    HI there

    HI name is Neeraj. Iam from India..and a new member of this site...though i have joined this site as i want to learn Linux..hope u wud all help me out..


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    Neeraj, welcome to OpenFree!

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    Hi Peter,
    thanks...i hope this wud be an life time experience for this is the first time iam logging in to the forum..iam here to learn Linux installation and all the tips and tricks u guys wud teach me..
    n e ways i have a prob pete...i have a Intel 965 Chipset with Core 2Duo processor at1.86Ghz, 300 GB SATA Hard Disk (Seagate Baracuda), 1GB DDR2 Ram, nVidia GE Force 7100 graphics card..iam not able to install Linux..when i tried booting with the DVD, it asks me for the device driver during the "installation method"...when i tried contacting some local technicians , they say that Linux does not support this type of mother board...some tech asked me whether i have a rcvd a Floppy Drive which i dint..i dont knw what to do...please help Pete..

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    Is this using kickstart or the regular CDs?

    I have tried to install Fedora on some hardware and it fails if you just hit "enter" at the grub installation prompt. If you use "linux noprobe" the results can be better. This turns off some of the auto-detection features of the installation process. Sometimes just one little incompatible piece of hardware on the motherboard can upset things.

    Try hitting the F2? key at the installation grub prompt and it will give you all the various options.

    If that doesn't work, try the linux on laptops site, and they have a forum too!

    Good luck and let us know how it goes. Many Laptop BIOS chip sets have Windows specific instructions hard coded in the silicon, so it may not be easy, especially for the newer hardware.

    There is a company called Linux Certified that realized this and claims to only sells laptops that they have proven will run Linux. They could be a very last resort.

    Let us know how it goes, there is sometimes a delay between new product launches and Linux support for the hardware.


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