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Thread: Can i install Olympus DSS player under WIne in Linux

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    Thumbs up Can i install Olympus DSS player under WIne in Linux


    im trying to install DSS player under wine in LINUX... But i heard that wine doesnt support DSS player.. then which version of wine i should install ????

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    Vivek MR

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    There is no need to post the same issue twice in different forums. It will definitely not get you help any sooner.

    I assume that by DSS Player you are talking about the software for Olympus cameras. Unfortunately, most applications like that include and depend on the binary driver that's compiled for Windows, and it is highly unlikely it will work under linux.

    That said, I am pretty sure there might be alternative, linux native applications that might be able to fulfill your needs.

    If you let us know what you would like to accomplish with this application, we might be able to point you in the right direction.
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    From the looks of it, your best bet might be using VMware. I'm not 100% sure that it will work, but I'm not seeing any better chance in Linux at all. If VMware can see the hardware correctly, you should be ok.
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