I've been having problems installing FC6 on some Dell Optiplex desktop machines. Using kickstart or CDs the installation would hang when installing glibc-common package.

It would pass this phase if I installed using "linux noprobe" at the grub boot prompt. Then the symptoms were either a premature completion of the installation with a BSOD looking flashing red screen with scattered chracaters all over, one of which said "OK to restart system", or hanging at different packages. On rebooting the systems would either hang on doing the secondary grub loader or say that no OS could be found on the disk.

The systems only had 256MB of RAM. When I upgraded to 512MB or RAM everything was OK and the installations proceeded flawlessly. The systems installed correctly in FC5, but not with FC6 even though 256MB is supported as a minimum configuration for a graphical installation and 128MB for text mode.

Anyone else have a similar problem?