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Thread: FreeBSD 6.2 - Installing BASE, WWW issue

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    FreeBSD 6.2 - Installing BASE, WWW issue


    I'm a huge BSD guy (been using FreeBSD since 2001, and have FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD all running on one network aloth with Slackware v11.0)

    I've an issue with FreeBSD 6.2. I'd been running 5.3 for about 2 years and decided to not upgrade, but back up important data, wipe out the v5.3 and install 6.2. It's up and running but I'm having an issue with Apache 2.2. FBSD 6.3 appears to be installing things kinda funky by default. Ports created /usr/local/www/apache22/data as the root directory, but then dumpts web applications in /usr/local/www. So, I've been moving things around the way I prefer.

    What happened was when I moved the directories, the ownership of the directories changed to the user I was using, which was root (and the effect was recursive). Now when I attempt to test the pages, all but the index page shows a 403 code.

    I've installed these tools numerous times in the past (BASE is new to me but it should be almost the same as ACID; phpMyAdmin; Snort Report; Snortsnarf...) without issues but apparently something changed with 6.3 that fscking with my brain.

    If anyone is running an install of FBSD 6.2 or something very close to that version, could you let me know what the default ownership is for the /usr/local/www and /usr/local/www/data directories?


    EDIT -

    No more 403 (had to allow internal traffic to the webserver...had to edit the httpd.conf file). Still have a PHP issue where the server won't serve up rendered PHP files.
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