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Thread: Broadband in FC6???

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    Broadband in FC6???

    I tried to connect to net using a Broadband connection in fc6.Though linux obtained the IP address and connections established,When I try to surf sites...Error!!! saying that "connection to the server cannot be established" in Mozilla..Can anyone sort out the problem?

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    You might want to check your gateway. It might not be set up correctly.
    If you know what it should be, you can add it by using the command
    route add default gw
    where is replaced by your actual gateway number.
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    Thanks trickster

    Actually my friend has got the problem.We both use FC6.I connected to my ISP without configuring anything.When I boot linux with the ADSL "on",the eth0 card and IP address are automatically detected.The thing is , it is automatically detected(both eth0 and ip address) for my friend too.But after logging in,when he tries to surf pages.He gets an error as if there was no connection.Neway thanks,I will test in his pc and tell you wat happened?!?!

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    Cool broadband connection

    hi buddy
    first of all u connected a broadband with lan cable
    then go in gnome
    1 network
    2 configuration wizard gave ur isp name & user name or passwd &activate ur
    connection then connection activate restart ur computer then open mozila
    ur problem is solve
    (use lan cable)

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