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    Wink server monitering

    hi friends,
    i have installed redhat Centos 4.2 on my server.Apache server is

    installed on this.I am using php and mysql in this server.files are

    continuously uploaded and downloaded with this server.

    Is there a group of commands which are helpful to monitor the server

    performance.I want to monitor this sever regularly.
    will you please help me in this problem?

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    The Tutorial section of the site has a simple web site monitoring script that you can use. I modified it to create a script that prints out to the screen when the load average of the server gets over the value presented by the first command line argument.

    You can modify it to do email alerting, or even check other measurements on the server.

    Here is how it's used, looking for a threshold of 0.05:

    [root@server tmp]# ./ 0.05
    Too Much Load! 1min: 0.05, 5min: 0.01, 15min: 0.00
    [root@server tmp]#
    Here is the script:

    sub main {
      # Set variables
      my $uptime_command            = "/usr/bin/uptime";
      my $uptime_results            = "";
      my $load_average_1min         = 0;
      my $load_average_5min         = 0;
      my $load_average_15min        = 0;
      my $unneeded_variables        = "";
      my $needed_variables          = "";
      my $load_threshold            = $ARGV[0];;
      # Get uptime
      $uptime_results = `$uptime_command`;
      ($uneeded_variables, $needed_variables) = split(/\: /,$uptime_results);
      ($load_average_1min, $load_average_5min, $load_average_15min) = split(/ /,$needed_variables);
      if(($load_average_1min || $load_average_5min || $load_average_15min) >= $load_threshold) {
            print("Too Much Load! 1min: $load_average_1min 5min: $load_average_5min 15min: $load_average_15min\n");

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    I use MRTG on my server. It can tell you a lot of different info about the server and traffic. link

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    Zabbix also.

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