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Thread: keyboard not working in KDE

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    Had the same problem. Keyboard stopped working on a single user, and only on KDE, so had to be a local issue. Thanks for solution.

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    Thanks for the tip. Turning off slow key solved my problem.

    I see now it's a "feature" of KDE accessibility tool. I probably activated it by pressing the shift key for 8 seconds. This is the mesage I got after turning it off:

    Warning - KDE Accessibility Tool
    Do you really want to activate "Slow Keys"?

    You held down the shift key for 8 seconds ...

    There is an option to "Deactivate All AccessX Features & Gestures."

    I also see an option to disable AccessX features in:

    Control Center -> Regional & Accessibility -> Accessibility
    Uncheck Activation Gestures -> Use gestures for activating sticky keys and slow keys.

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    Worked for me! Kubuntu 12.04 KDE 4.8.5

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    My keyboard stoped working when I was to quick to answer Ok in a dialogbox.
    Editing ~/.kde/share/config/kaccessrc and set SlowKeys=false, solved the problem.

    Is there a way to permanently disable SlowKeys?


    Yup, solved for me as well. We have a multi-user Minecraft home -- me suspect that was the source of the probblem.

    Many Thanks

    $ kded4 --version
    Qt: 4.8.1
    KDE Development Platform: 4.8.5 (4.8.5)
    KDE Daemon: $Id$

    Kubuntu 12.04 (64)

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