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Thread: Problem with Fedora C4 and 2 NIC's

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    Problem with Fedora C4 and 2 NIC's

    Hello all,
    I'm new to the Linux system so would appreciate some help. I'm trying to set up a home network as follows: cable modem> P3 using FC4 > hub > 2 AMD Athlon and 1 P4 both using XP Sp2.
    Problem is when 2 Realtek 8139 NIC's are used as eth0 and eth1, FC4 is unable to connect to internet but when an SMC card is used (as eth1) internet connection is available on eth0 (SMC card has Sh@* itself). When P3 runs XP as ICS no probs with 2 Realtek NIC's. Also what Ip addresses would I need to enter if issue can be resolved. The hub is an oldie, a Compex TP3000/E with 6 I/O
    A message at loading comes ; error at line 8 in /etc/ will be ignored. Is this at fault???

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    The fstab error probably just means that it is having problems mounting a partition or device. It should not affect you.
    I'm guessing the computer might be confused as to what gateway to use to get out to the net.

    You can usually Firestarter to set the network for you:

    This is a link to a more do-it-yourself howto:

    This link is a good read for begginer's networking:

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