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Thread: please help me!!!

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    please help me!!!

    Hello! I have a problem and I think you can help me. This must be in C and run in Linux. I appeal to you to help me. The problem is to write an application which periodical verify if a website is active. The list of websites will be read from a configuration file. You will determine the situations that a wetsite change from active to inactive or from inactive to active. In that case you will send an email to an email adress specified in configuration file. To verify if a website is active, you can use the HTTP protocol. That's all. I hope you will help me with that. Thanks a lot and have a nice day.

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    Please do not post the same post twice on different threads. It will not help you get help any faster, and just serves to clutter up the forum.

    I don't know any C, so I really can't help you there. However, this seems more like something you need to learn to do instead of asking for help, as it seems like you are asking for someone to do it for you.

    What code have already developed for this?
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    Are you sure this isn't a homework assignment?

    Anyway there is a PET on how to do something very similar website monitoring script using perl. That should help provide a guide.

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    I'm curious. Why must it be in C? I've done socket programming in C and also used perl to check on web sites and perl is a lot easier believe me. And what's the definition of "Active" vs "Inactive"? As in is the site up or down or has a page changed recently?

    If you were querying my web server regularly just to see if it was up, I might have to block your IP address. Just to keep the logs clean, you understand

    If you're doing some monitoring tool, why not use something that's already out there like Nagios or Big Brother? They already do a fine job in monitoring the status of web servers and many other servers. I converted my home grown perl script to Nagios. It has a tiny learning curve and is easy to manage.

    Of course if it's a homework assignment, you might get better results if you already have some work to show. Something that says you've done some reading, basically understand the requirements, and have given it a go with source code that's borked up.

    Problems I'll help with. Providing answers to homework problems, I've done my stretch, now it's your turn

    Good luck.



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